Dear Brigadiers,

Congratulations to all the members of Godwin Obaseki Brigade (GOB) and this platform for the patriotic energy, the unceasing commitment and the boldness of the vision which we collectively invested in the evolvement of an ordinary Whatsapp page to a formidable strategic campaign structure.

Obaseki Brigade platform was uniquely advantaged with an army of accomplished professionals and dignified individuals who embraced the need for Governor Obaseki’s continuity as quintessential for Edo State’s progress. And so from home and the Edo Diaspora, the Brigade platform quickly flourished beyond the characteristic chit-chat political rendezvous to an agency resembling a hallowed hall where leaders of thought converged for serious dialogue on defense of Democracy and the advancement of our Motherland.

With remarkable altruism, the stakeholders of the Brigade so enthusiastically offered their experiences in various fields of human endeavors from their locations around the world to nurture and enrich the analysis, the dialogue and the projection regarding the historic mission of re-electing Governor Godwin Nogheghase Obaseki. Very notable is the fact that the fulcrum of our thoughts regarding the political situation was the vision of Good Governance for the maximum benefit of the people.

Once the direction for progressive continuity was set, the participants on this platform leapt into action proposing and actualizing initiatives to ensure the victory of the Governor in the phenomenal 2020 contest.

I must express my appreciation to the Brigade stakeholders who went beyond the defined demands of the platform to offer material assistance for such needs as caps, T-shirts, mosquito repellents etc.

To all of you who helped in various ways to galvanize the momentum achieved by Obaseki Brigade, to all you who strengthened us with your hope and confidence and even your prayers, I’m most sincerely appreciative of the role that you played in building mass public opinion and galvanizing our people particularly in Edo South Senatorial District for the great victory that we have achieved.

I hope to communicate with you not long from now about the metamorphosis for the Brigade in our continuous fidelity to the vision of Good Governance and emergence of equally good candidates in future elections.

OGBANE! The results are too formidable to be reversed. But we shall stay eternally vigilant and be ready to return to the frontlines if we perceive any attempt to negate the will of Edo voters.

Once again, my sincere gratitude and May the almighty bless you all and yours.

Oteghe Adam

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